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A Poem, by Me (TW: Self Harm, Suicide)

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Posted 07 April 2021 - 08:55 PM

Lace and velvet clad creatures of the night,
Those beasts who prey on the fright,
Misery, torment and pain,
Of those who wallow in the midnight plane.
They feast upon the flesh and essence of weaker vessels.
The bleak winter melancholy is their stalking ground,
I lay in the forest,
The creatures all around.

Today was the day,
For all my misdeeds I was to pay,
Straight-razor in hand I ventured to the silent place.

Sunlight shone through the trees, close to setting.
The recent snowfall left the trees frosted over and lifeless,
Like the creatures who lived among them.

I looked upon the blade, it's edge held more worth than my life ever could.
Why was I still alive?
Today was the day. Today had to be the day.

I raised the steel to my wrist,
Took a moment to appreciate the beauty of the blade,
And the flesh it kissed,
Then ran it swiftly along a vein.

The pain was near unbearable,
First dulled by adrenaline and shock,
Then the burning, throbbing sensation took over.
I slashed again,
Again and again,
The floodgates had been opened,

It was time to feast.

All at once, the undead dropped from the skies,
Appeared from behind trees,
Shot out from bushes,
And emerged from beneath the soil and ice.

They each grasped a limb,
And I was subject to their every whim,
But there was only one thought on their mind: blood.

Hundreds --
No, thousands!
Thousands of teeth plunged into my flesh!
Fingernails ripped at my exposed meat,
I felt myself scream in horror,
My body grew cold, stiff and numb.

Today was the day.
The day I died.

Won't you join us?
Chloro/Cameron (he/it/whatever you like)
Discord: chloroformggg#2859
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