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#1 lipstick diet

lipstick diet


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Posted 23 April 2021 - 01:53 AM

Man, I'm broke

Like, no broke broke

but the market has been sucking and I miss making my bag in a more exciting way than staring at the same god damn green and red graph all day

I mean... Shit, at least the slots in Las Vegas come with free booze



Old friend. Good times. Too long, no see. 

We're back to square one

from a maintained 130 to a 200~ or so, lowest being 110 at 5'4

Heh, embarrassing

What about offering myself as good sport for some of your ~oh-so-effective!~ support?

I'm moving to NYC and Imma need myself some new zaddies

they are a heck lot of fun

and my city is booooooring

and you know I love the thrill of the rush u///u


Here's how we're gonna do this:

1. We will get into ketosis in the next 3 days or so

2. We will do ADF for some time

3. We will do extended po cha fasting when I feel like it


I will be supplementing with:

- MCT + Omega 3 + Kratom

- NMN on fasting days

- Protein and the rest of my bunch of vitamins 

- Rogaine, because we will be losing yet more hair otherwise, I learned my lesson from 2013. Ughh.

- Alcohol and cigarettes because anxiety.


In the meantime you will hear me:

- Talk about my most recent sd drama that won't leave alone and I have nowhere to rant

- Post accbilly related stuff

- And life stuff


Name is Regina, welcome to the thread. Let's see how long it takes me to hit 120.


#2 lipstick diet

lipstick diet


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Posted 23 April 2021 - 02:00 AM

Day -1


So I started keto again yesterday


Today I ate:

[1000cal][1carb] 4 homemade sausages

[360cal~][0carb] gouda/blue cheese

[100cal~][3carb] handful of pecans

[120cal~][5carb] wine


Tomorrow is my doggo's birthday and we will celebrate with ribeyes woo. 

#3 lipstick diet

lipstick diet


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Posted 24 April 2021 - 04:15 PM

Day 0

[300cal][0carb] lamb shoulder
[260cal][0carb] cheese
[120cal][5carb] protein milk
[110cal][4carb] magic spoon cereal

doggo had his ribeye but I settled for lamb steak on sale
period sux

#4 lipstick diet

lipstick diet


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Posted 25 April 2021 - 08:36 AM

Day 1

[460cal][0carb] steak
[220cal][0carb] fried eggs
[170cal][4carb] protein shake
[100cal][1carb] garlic stuffed olives
[100cal][3carb] pecans
[200cal][2carb] keto mango yogurt

+ had UTI >:(
+ could not sleep for shit
+ im in ketosis woo. ketosis + kratom is great.
+ sd has finally gone quiet after a month of incessant texts and calls. fuck i miss having him, things are so lonely. he might start texting on monday tho. he’s most likely with the wife

#5 lipstick diet

lipstick diet


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Posted 26 April 2021 - 03:33 AM

day 2

ate 10 carbs, 1100 cals and burned 1000.

my daddy did message me lmao

i will have my first weight in on may 1st :)

cambio y fuera

#6 lipstick diet

lipstick diet


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Posted 27 April 2021 - 02:26 AM

day 3

fasted through lunch. broke fast with protein shake and ate some roasted duck with steamed chinese broccoli.

calories around 1100, carbs around 3

so i did weight in
i had been doing keto last year but i got out and my weight sky rocketed upwards, i was at like 187.


my entire mouth feels sweet due to the acetone, which is quite cool bc it tricks my tastebuds into thinking im having candy lmao

and i bought an outrageously expensive cake of pu erh (im convincing myself is to support local business) so my pu erh fasting should start soonish. i still dont know when

will we hit 200 by the end of the month? we’ll see.

gw is at least 125 btw

#7 lipstick diet

lipstick diet


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Posted 28 April 2021 - 03:12 PM

day 4

idk how many calories ate total, but it was 580 + salad, i’m guessing around 400 cal for the salad.

0 counted carbs (quest pb cups + bang cookies creme drink) prior and the salad def had less than 15 carbs in it (probs around 8)

cw 209
-2 pounds

#8 lipstick diet

lipstick diet


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Posted 29 April 2021 - 04:12 AM

day 5


good daayyyy

I bought the carbmaster milk for pure curiosity. it has 3 carbs per glass to I figured

it's garbage

it's sooooooooo watered down it barely tastes like milk. they add Sucralose to cheat milk sweetness

and they charge 4 bux for it

I rather get the fair life one and cut it in half with water as it has 6 carbs


also I found THE plastic surgeon of my dreams

sort of

ideally one single dude would do everything right?

so I thought, maaaayyyybe I can go to the daisy keech Beverly Hills one

but his bitch ass charges like 25k for a regular bbl and sooooo many people on realself were complaining he ain't that great

and I said

fuck that shit

and scrolling and scrolling I see this Colombian one. charging like 5k-10k for 360 hi def lipo and fat transfers, and REALLY GOOD ONES like INSANE fucking lines that look just out of this world amazing without looking fake, and he gives you THE hips. and he also does really good tits

not as great as mike miroshnik (I was legit willing to pay big bucks so if I die in the procedure at least I die in this snackkkkkkkkkkkk's hands. he's literally my type of ideal man. dayum) but good. we'll see. idk how much miroshnik charges yet. gotta look it up.

I got contacts in Colombia and I grew up speaking Spanish too so cool

I'm going to colombia

I still need to find a rhino surgeon

I'm thinking someone in turkey 

but idk

there's also a good surgeon in Brazil but I'm not 100000000% in love with his noses. they look sort of cookie cutter, but nice.

ideally my nose surgeon would also perform a tiny bit of a lip lift but I can achieve what I want through botox

but, you know, the less injectables the better

and I'd also like a wee bit of an eyebrow lift

so for everything everything I'm willing to pay


out of my crypto fortune


for body stuff you kinda don't wanna go too skinny but also going too fat will end up leaving you thicc

so I'm thinking, knowing my body, probably a fit 130 pounds so I can get some booty. 

we'll see

 SO EXCITE!!!!11!!!






it says 900 calories, 17 carbs

​kind of a carby day

but safe nevertheless


fasted breakfast, like always


for lunchy lunch I made a very simple stuffed mushroom with a can of clams that has been sitting in my pantry for over a year now, some neufchâtel cheese and some grated parmesan, a clove of garlic and the mushroom stems, some olive oil, pecans, cayenne pepper and voila. no salt bc clams and their juice is salty

I wanted to add spinach but had none

it was delicious anyways and SO filling. I had like 10 mushrooms and I didn't think about food all day

for dinner I had a glass of the shit milk with some magic spoon cereal

I love it

but easy to overeat


aaaaaaand that's all what I ate

I had some tea and energy drink which now that I remember had 5 carbs so

22 grand total

almost bust

25 is top limit

15 ideal


my daddy keeps texting me he's so cute

it's been over a month I've not said a word because he won't pay


no money no honey baaaaaaaaaybe *Ariana Grande voice*

#9 lipstick diet

lipstick diet


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Posted 30 April 2021 - 09:49 PM

day 6


ate nothing for breakfast, nothing for lunch and some pork for dinner

I don't remember what else if anything else


I talked to my mom about the surgeries and she's 1000000% on board and we will travel together and my doggo :)


the magic about restricting with keto is that you never really think about food


weight was 208

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