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chronic constipation

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#1 paranoid-android


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Posted 01 May 2021 - 07:37 PM

hi this is very tmi and embarrassing but ive had problems with chronic constipation my whole life and my ed made it 100x worse, i haven't been able to poop in days and i even took laxatives for the first time (and i took 4 which is the maximum recommended dose) and it still hasn't done anything, i've been trying everything and i'm a little worried so if anyone has any suggestions pls let me kno 😥

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#2 fatgirl1503



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Posted 03 May 2021 - 03:28 PM

uhh i feel u!! i always get so constipated but make sure you drink loads of water and tea. also try to eat more fibre if you can and with the laxatives they won’t always have full effect straight away. and laxatives will dehydrate you so make sure you’re drinking a lot of fluids! hope you poop!

#3 Emptyspirits


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Posted 08 May 2021 - 07:54 PM

See if you can get a doctor to prescribe you Linzess. I take 72mcg and it is very helpful w my constipation

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#4 yeontansleash



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Posted 22 June 2021 - 06:20 AM

I too struggle with chronic constipation. I make sure to drink enough water everyday (preferably warm to aid digestion) and consume fibre in the form of chia seeds. I have a table spoon or two blended into a small smoothie everyday. When the going gets tough, I take over the counter laxatives.

#5 m0thsk1n



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Posted 22 June 2021 - 10:56 PM

So laxatives in the short term work but in the long run it’ll just make you reliant on them (plus taking too much can cause…many problems too) I’d maybe go with eating prunes which are high in fiber, if you don’t feel like eating there’s also prune juice as well as plain old plum juice (I wondered the difference and it’s just they add water to prunes to make prune juice which…wild how they dehydrate a fruit just to rehydrate it lol)
Also instead of laxatives there’s ‘stool softeners’ (I hate that name) which usually are much better and are less likely to cause your body to rely solely on that substance to help you “go” if you know what I’m getting at

#6 chopstick legs

chopstick legs

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Posted 13 July 2021 - 02:05 AM


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