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Plateuing underweight

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Posted 14 September 2021 - 09:58 PM

Hey all, idk of you can relate but personally there are specific weights/bmi’s where I plateu and I’ve worked this out over years of gaining from forced recovery amd relapse and the only way to beat these is continuing restriction and not eating maintenance or anything because personally that makes me gain and not lose (like the whoosh effect) for me…

For example personally I ALWAYS plateu at 39-40kgs like ever single time I reach 39.9kgs it’ll take me weeks to reach the 38’s and it’s happened countless times for no reason but then 38-36kgs comes off so easily and effortlessly and quick… this is like bmi 17 for me.

It also happens around 43-44 kgs…

Rn I’m at the lowest I’ve ever been - around 35kgs give or take I’m not too sure because I’m blind weighed, I’ve never really hit below 36kgs in any of my relapses because I usually feel shitty physically when I reach that area.

However for WEEKS I’ve been stuck around high 34’s-35… and I’ve been doing average of 280cals/day (some fasts, some rlly low days and some 400 days a week)

I genuinely don’t know what to do, I’m like low BMI 15s right now and I want to make it to the 13’s lol and everyone always says just do a Maintenance day or something but it NEVER works for me


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