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Posted 22 September 2021 - 04:24 PM

I wanted to make an accountability thread because lately I've been finding it hard to keep track of everything and I've been losing myself. I gained so much more then I wanted to in such little amount of time.

About me: I am 15 years old and I have been struggling with a undiagnosed ed since I was 11 years old. Last year was the worst of me ed and I am hoping to put myself in a better place and this is hopefully the start to it! I love with my parents who are both pretty strict and make losing weight quite hard. Honestly I get my eating disorder from both of them, but especially my mum. She often calls me fat and will tell me that she was my weight when she was getting married which I really do not believe because my mum is overweight, but nonetheless it hurts me a lot. She also calls me things like a buffalo and a pig which is horrible, but it really fuels me to prove them all wrong.
When I'm home with my family I usually have to eat as normal as possible because all my meal portions are already set out for me. At school it's very easy to throw my food away, but lately I have not been restricting so I am hoping this blog will help me to do it. I have come up with a schedule to follow which I will post here later fo everyone to see. I am also going to try to post everything I eat and all of the exercise I do, but if anybody actually reads this please hold me to it!

My stats:

SW: 77lbs (35kg)
CW: 92lbs (42kg)
BMI: 19.29
Height: 144cm (4ft 7)

GW1: 81lbs (37kg)
GW2: 77lbs (35kg)
GW3: 70lbs (32kg)
GW4/UGW: 66lbs (30kg)

I might want to be 28kg still thinking about it?

Thigh Gap
Skinny arms:
Straight legs:
Lying on side thigh gap:
Bony shoulders:
Tiny wrists:
Flat stomach:

As I acheive these thing or reach my goal weights I will be coming back and crossing it off so everyone can see my progress! Do you guys think I should make my ultimate goal weight 28kgs or keeps it at 30?

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#2 surskinny22



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Posted 22 September 2021 - 04:27 PM

I tried to stick to the ABC diet but it was a massive fail because I wasn't able to cut that many calories because I live with my parents. Instead I am going to try to eat around 500 calories ever weekday and then on weekends eat 700-1000 calories. It's easier to cut calories at school because I can get out of breakfast and then only have to worry about my after school snack( my mum makes me eat it) and dinner.

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