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Embarrassing Moments- Caught Binge Eating?

caught in the act binge eating Embarrassing

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#1 slimanifestation



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Posted 29 September 2021 - 02:23 AM

---PREFACE: I got caught & was SO embarrassed. I had my hair in a pony tail too- so my entire fat face he was able to see.

i kinda feel like crying so i'm writing this to be comedic because i get headaches when I cry.-----


I decided that I wanted to get in my car and listen to some music + eat an entire box of pepporonie pizza.

I went for a drive and blasted my music and after about 30 min I decided I wanted to park by the front of my house. (I did not want to get caught bringing that gigantic box to my room + i live with my extended family and don't want to look like an even bigger fat ass)


Anyways so i'm eating and am 4 slices in when this BRIGHT light is pointed at my car window! Really. It was an industrial light beaming straight through my tinted windows. he could see me right there, sitting with this box of pizza, and a slice in hand! I was mortified.


Turns out its the POLICEEE. He came to my window and peeped into my car to see what I was up to since it was late. I completely understand that he was trying to make sure the community was safe and I appreciate that. I am just sad I got caught during a weak moment.


here I am at a low point in my life when i am so heavy, going through astronomical stress and escaping through this pizza. For me to have been caught just bothers me. I'm trying to get better. but here I am doing something that I know I shouldn't be doing...*i am at this point crying as I write this* i hate being dramatic but damn that was... i don't know. I felt gross.


He asked me what I was doing and i told him that I was watching a show and well- eating. which was obvious because I had it in my hand and was still chewing.


He smiled, wished me a goodnight, and left me alone after that. I went inside soon after. I thought the whole point of me eating in my car alone at night was to not get caught. but I guess I cant even do that.


You guys have anything similar happen? Have you ever been caught?




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#2 Bigdaddy’spizza


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Posted 29 September 2021 - 02:44 AM

Never been caught so to speak but I did eat a whole pizza tonight in front of people. I was the only one that finished and someone commented on it.

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#3 saturn



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Posted 29 September 2021 - 03:23 AM

I don't think you were being dramatic, I would have cried too.

aww man that cop, I haven't been caught really but I have opened up to someone about when I went on a binge and thinking back on it now, i'm just glad they haven't questioned anything lol

#4 Bumpkin



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Posted 29 September 2021 - 06:44 AM

I have been caught eating food out of the bin at work……mortified
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#5 Cloud.sse


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Posted 29 September 2021 - 08:11 AM

We used to have like a walk in food cupboard...when I first started binging my binges were going into the cupboard and eating bits if literally everything. One day I was starting this I remember I had a pit of granola and was eating bits of it and I turned and my mum was standing right there. Luckily I hadn't done anything so far too bad so she didn't realise what I was doing...I was so embarrassed though and now wonder if she had caught me a bit later and seen me like.eating a whole pot of nutella or something if she wouldve helped me and id be recovered years ago...

#6 777nico



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Posted 29 September 2021 - 12:30 PM

i havent been caught in the act but post-binge.. w the wrappers and the corpses of all the food i just shoved down my throat all over my room. my mom came home early and was shocked. i told her i was just having a really bad day bc emotional eating isnt as taboo as the fact that ive been planning this for the past few days, calculated the calories, and was planning to purge it all out even if it was only half the calories as i could burn it all off. it sucks when it happens when u least expect it bc u have to scramble up a believable lie in .5 seconds. thankfully she went to the store and i was able to get it all out before my guilt consumed me




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#7 Endlesspit


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Posted 29 September 2021 - 01:14 PM

Numerous times, it has gotten to the point that whenever i eat because I'm genuinely hungry, everyone in my family tries to stop me from eating, except for my mom who knowingly buys my trigger foods because she thinks I'm ''back to restricting'' whenever I'm trying not to binge

#8 NLP



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Posted 29 September 2021 - 02:45 PM

OP genuinely TY for making me laugh, you have a way with words.  But I didn't know whether to laugh or cry really coz I feel your pain. 


Only yesterday I lugged 2 pizzas back from the local shop (along with a load of chocolate and crap stuff) . I microwaved it, couldn't even wait to heat the oven  So then I'm wedging it into my big fat chops, in a trance, leaning on the window sill and suddenly there's this strange bloke looking in abject horror straight at me.   Dunno who was more shocked, me or him


I'm house sitting for my friend and this guy was the neighbour and he cuts thru my mate's yard while he's having building work done.  Fukkit, I KNOW he'll tell her, it must have been too disturbing for him to not say anything lol

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#9 ForeverDieting



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Posted 30 September 2021 - 05:48 AM

I don't think the cops thought much of it, if it's any consolation


But yeah, I relate to that feeling, I've been caught by family and roommates several times over the years and it's mortifying

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#10 Team_DietDrPepper


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Posted 15 October 2021 - 07:38 PM

I am sorry that happened I would have cried too. 

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#11 Vatcape


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Posted 15 October 2021 - 08:59 PM

When I was a kid, I’d save up money and coins and stuff and I’d buy massive stockpiles of binge food and hide it in my room. 



I forgot some of it in a closet and it rotted and went bad and my mother found it and started yelling and screaming about how I was disgusting and why was I hiding food in my room. That was a bad time. 

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#12 katiekins6321



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Posted 22 October 2021 - 06:00 AM

Omg, I have beeeeen there.

When I was 19 and living in my first apartment, I had just gotten divorced and started talking to my super smoking hot neighbor, we ended up hooking up a couple times.

One night I left at like 1am to drive and get some Taco Bell. $30 worth of Taco Bell to be exact. I drove back and parked in my spot in the parking garage and started pigging out when I heard a tap on my window. It was him, asking what I was doing out so late sitting in my car. I’ve never felt so mortified in my life. Like I had wrappers sitting on the dash and my passenger seat with more food sitting on my lap. It was fucking mortifying.

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#13 starving-satisfaction


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Posted 22 October 2021 - 11:38 AM

I’ve been caught by my family, my mom even brought it up as a reason why she couldn’t believe my AN b/p dx when I was in treatment. “You eat a whole thing of ice cream in one sitting”

I had a lot of problems with binging when I was finishing high school. I gained. A lot. I would eat nonstop for hours. Even when I weighed less, I would restrict all day so I could binge most of a bag of Doritos for dinner, and I even got into the habit of binging / severely overeating while high, and my bf would be like ok stop eating now pls.
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