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What “safe food phase” are you in rn?

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#221 cherry coke 0

cherry coke 0


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Posted 19 October 2021 - 07:44 PM

oatmeal  :wub:

Chloe :wub: 

#222 wakawaka



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Posted 19 October 2021 - 07:46 PM

anything in bar form like candy bar, protein bar, fig bar, breakfast bar, etc etc


#223 breakable_doll



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Posted 19 October 2021 - 07:47 PM

Homemade spinach and arugula salad with lemon juice. Every night.






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Posted 19 October 2021 - 08:07 PM

Monster ultras lol (onto hour 81 of this fast) and no plans to stop fasting.. Ed won’t let me have ANYTHING with calories anymore except monster ultra, a splash of almond milk in a coffee/tea, 10 cal Gatorade/G2, and that completes the list. Got told by an Ed specialist over the phone “you’re going to perish” and basically die quickly like this and then he continued to refuse giving me treatment because of my GI disorder… I don’t want to die, but right now I just can’t stop… meanwhile I’m starting a college intensive program soon, going back to work, have an interview for another job, and am going to be doing therapy but specifically just for suicidality not at all Ed like 3 times a week with homework, and constantly have other medical specialists appointments and 2 social workers I meet with on top…. Sorry for the rant but yeah basically Ed says I’m not allowed anything basically except up to maybe 50 cals of the liquids I mentioned a day but usually much less… okay, always oversharing, sorry! Xox

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Worst relapse in many years recently... lots of medical issues too heds, gastroparesis, etc .. Cw: ?? i think somewhere in 140lbs's range ..stuck between wanting this mental and physical torture to end but also i want to lose so much more and give in completely Hw: 100kgs+ Lw: i was in hospital and couldn't stand without passing out, like 50-52kgs (not low but medically compromised) Temporary GW: 100lbs/45kgs by xmas 2021.. Eating disorders aren't weight disorders, they're mental disorders (try to remind myself of this everytime I see the number on the scale) ... add my new ed and mh focused and safe place snapchat: littlelar15 .. desperate for socializing and friends in general

#225 applecatcher



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Posted 19 October 2021 - 08:30 PM

wasa flatbread crisps with laughing cow cheese
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#226 goodenough


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Posted 19 October 2021 - 08:33 PM

zucchini w/salt, pepper and say sauce phase lol

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#227 slut4soup



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Posted 19 October 2021 - 11:24 PM

sweet potatoes ! They are so delicious and soft when you steam them and im absolutely obsessed with the texture of it ... I've been hyperfixtating on it for like a month now and thats pretty long for me ngl

#228 ARFIDana



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Posted Yesterday, 12:15 AM

- lightly salted rice cakes
- laughing cow wedges (asiago, mmmm)
- hormel turkey pepperoni (4-ish cals for one, so good actually)
- egg whites (usually with salt/pepper/sriracha)
- 100 cal english muffins (cut in half, usually w/ 3 tbsp of egg whites on top - 75 cal)
- halo top (birthday cake flavor is sooo good, and 1 tbsp is only like 9 cal!)
- light babybel cheese
- campbells classic tomato sipping soup (140 cal, good for when my boyfriend is home and needs to see me eat real people food)
- 1 slice 45 cal sara lee white bread, small amount of oven roasted turkey breast, small amount of light miracle whip, less than 70 cal
- coke zero to get me through the long days since I work from home
- 100 cal smart pop with a few spritzes of "I can't believe it's not butter" spray
- 70 cal fiber one brownie, microwaved for 10 seconds (can't always spare the calories, but microwaving them is a game changer)
- kit kat thins for when I'm craving chocolate really badly

#229 peaceinhell


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Posted Yesterday, 04:55 PM

Mostly raw fruits and veggies but challenging myself to include avocados, coconut meat, different varieties of potatoes, steamed veggies and sprouted beans

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#230 katemossidol


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Posted Yesterday, 05:09 PM

Veggies, fruit and yogurt

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UGW: 37 kg

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#231 angelbaby13


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Posted Yesterday, 05:53 PM

Ok so its just a plain rice cake with tomato sauce and cheese, put it in the oven or microwave till the cheese is melted. I like to leave it in a little longer cause i like the crispy cheese

thanks you I'm gonna try this 

#232 blackicedcoffee



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Posted Yesterday, 06:14 PM

kimchi, chicken breast, cold brew with a bit of the nut pod creamer, tofu, and eggs

#233 meredith.grey



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Posted Yesterday, 08:47 PM

bread roll phase

♡ vegan 


#234 Naminee



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Posted Yesterday, 08:55 PM

At the moment :
- Packaged Kraft mac & cheese : 220 cal per whole bowl, ready in 3 min, filling & satisfying
- Warmed apple sauce cup (50 cal) with a graham cracker crumbled on top (22 cal)
- Skinny pop corn (small package is 80 cal)
- Protein shakes & snack bars (quest are really good)
- Vitamin Water Zero
- Pepsi Max Zero
- Skinny noodles
- Vegetables stew
- Chicken drumstick without skin & cooked in water with spice
- Oranges ( super filling & give me so much energy)
- homemade iced double espresso shot

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