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Advice for someone who gained all the weight back?

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#1 ♡lulu♡



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Posted 12 October 2021 - 10:43 AM

So I used to be 110 at the peak of my ed and after forced recovery i’m now near 300. it’s embarrassing but I try to stay as positive with my body as I can. I’ve been trying for 2 years now to restrict again but I just end up binging or giving up. I’m so scared to weigh myself but I feel like keeping track of my weight might get me back into the swing of things. Idk i’ve tried it all, high restricting, low restricting, fasting, intuitive eating, omad, but i always end up eating. I’m now back to square one and purged for the first time today, took me back to freshman year lol. I’m gonna stick with purging and see if i can transition into restricting like i did when my ed first began. i’m just so impatient, after a week of restricting i’ll be like “well i’m not skinny yet so time to eat” it makes no sense but in the moment i don’t think clearly.

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#2 cursedcar


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Posted 13 October 2021 - 01:56 AM

I get it, I started at 180 lbs, went down to 120 then over two years went up to 210… it is hard because I always ended up binging too and even though I purged and occasionally restricted I was stuck for over a year. I don’t think any amount of ‘willpower’ will help as I don’t think that’s the case for me either though I started losing again. I feel like my body has a mind of its own, that doesn’t make sense but it’s like sometimes I b/p and restrict only to maintain but for some reason I’m doing the same thing and I’ve been losing like 5 lbs a week, I don’t get it. I hardly know about nutrition and stuff but I think with us, we killed our metabolism by not eating enough and losing too fast but I think being at that weight for a while either your metabolism normalizes after a while and also I swear starvation mode is real. Anyway I’m super uneducated so don’t completely take my word for it without looking more into how metabolism works or whatever but I hope me sharing my experience helped a bit

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#3 Waltersmother


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Posted 13 October 2021 - 06:15 AM

I was under 120lbs in my teens and early 20s (bulimia) I weigh im KGs now but im pretty sure im over 300lbs now, basically I stopped purging but carried on binging, had 3 babies now I'm in a situation where I actually NEED to lose weight but everytime I've attempted it in the past its triggered purging again and I am not willing to go back to that dark place.
I am down nearly 20kg this time and I'm sticking with it, I started off by focusing more on changing my habits like planning my food and drinking a big mug of tea or coffee if I felt a binge coming on. Also trying to keep busy in times I would normally binge has helped. I started logging all my food even if i binged so I could find patters and plan my next steps.
I've moved on to fasting a couple of days a week because calorie counting was getting triggering, currently I'm starting a fast sun/mon and going as long as I can then having a few eating days then starting again the next week, I'm on week 2 of that and it's going well so far.
It is possible to break out of this but I think the main thing is to not do too much too soon and let your body get used to the idea of change before you start with the fasting or heavy restriction. I know its frustrating going slow when you just want it off but if I hadn't have gone slow to start I'd be still 20kg heavier (maybe more) stuck in the cycle.

#4 Lorra_J


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Posted 13 October 2021 - 06:29 AM

First time I hit my hw (240) I was in high school and immediately went vegan to lose weight (which was just my brains cover for starving myself) anyways I dropped 80 lbs land somehow decided I was happy with myself and stopped. Slowly I gained it all back and the same day I saw that number again was the same day I purged again after like 6 years. That was mid June and I'm 198 now. I'm still upset that I ever got this big in the first place. It almost feels like a deserve to have an eating disorder.

#5 wast1ng-away



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Posted 17 October 2021 - 12:25 PM

I went from 220 to 140 a few years back before attempting recovery from bulimia but then i just kept binging (without the purging) i had assumed i was maintaining around 220 but then i stepped on a scale for the first time since i was 15 in june this year and was at 290. i've been low-mid restricting since june and have transitioned into high res + exercise since school started so now im at 250 i want to get to my lw again and hopefully my ugw before even attempting recovery again. I hate that i let myself get here but it is what it is :(

I'm not losing at the rate i want but i'm losing so i'm trying to keep that in mind. I used to do ballet and I want to restart but don't want to go to class until i'm below 220 again, working towards that goal (and pics from me doing ballet at my lw lol) are keeping me going now :) I still do occasionally b&p though







#6 SacredFaeriesrevengequest


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Posted 17 October 2021 - 01:55 PM

Keto helped me. Also for every 5 to 10 pounds, calculate calories needed daily for your activity level if you were 5 to 10 pounds lighter and have that as your daily calorie limit. Religiously track it. Get the Pacer app on your phone and get those calories burned from walking too. That way your body gets used to reducing in very small yet manageable increments and when you are maybe like 1/2 there then try hard-core restricting again. It might not get you there overnight, but with calculating the calories that way, you should lose at least 10 to 15 lbs every month or two which is still great progress considering over a year that is over 100 pounds of weight gone.

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