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From 66 to 60 - Accountability

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Posted 26 December 2021 - 05:19 PM

Hey instead of torturing yourself with a too strict diet on top of a depression try to find something filling that you really enjoy in variations: f.e white rice with veggies and a little sauce or oil or potatoes with fish aside - let it be enjoyable and satiating enough to eat it on most days -, I'll promise if you stay with smaller portions you will be full before you could overeat calorie-wise ... 300-500 calories are just way too low in general but even more so if you are dealing with depression ;-)

I'm currently eating pretty much what I want as long as its not fast food and therefore am satiated and loosing steadily ... no need to get that low :-*

Furthermore, if you are on a SRRI anti-depressant at the moment ask for Bupropion / Wellbutrin instead - it has a better improvement of my depressive symptoms with fewer or no side effects especially on weight, libido and energy levels - highly recommend to consider this med over the more common SRRi antidepressants

Feel hugged and you did a amazing job - so just find something that is more enjoyable and consistency will bring you to your goal

Thank you for cheering me up, how kind of you!

Deep down I know 500 is waaay too low, but losing weight seems like the best comfort when everything else is dark. Self destruction etc. And because my appetite was/is low, it never felt like starving. I think that’s why I didn’t end up binging and I sure am happy about that.

Since my last post I’ve intentionally been eating a lot more, around high restriction/maintenance. Thank you for your concern, I’m really trying to take care of myself in a more rational, healthy way now. It doesn’t feel good but maybe it will long term.

In terms of antidepressants I’m not using ssri anymore, actually just started on Wellbutrin. The weight gain side effect I mentioned are due to meds I need for sleeping and other stuff. It’s the only thing that’s works so I dont want to go off them either. Haven’t gained any yet so I’m just trying to stay positive.

Omg I’m so sorry for giving you a whole bible. Anyways, thank you for caring.

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