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The meta diet — discussion

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#1 Killmestxrving



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Posted 29 November 2021 - 04:18 AM

So I’ve noticed that we tend to lose the most weight in the first few weeks of trying out something new such as removing a food group or lowering one’s daily caloric intake.

For instance, Ted Bundy didn’t consume alcohol for a week and lost 25lbs (11.3kg), which I hypothesise was caloric intake reduction + shock. A lot of us also lose 20lbs in the first month of restriction after a binge cycle.

So I might do a little experiment: every few weeks (I’ll decide on specific durations depending on the diet) I’ll switch up my diet and see if the shock makes me drop some sudden weight. Honestly, I’m aware it’s mostly water and food weight and not actual fat but why not try and see what the correlation is?

So the question for you becomes: what should I try during this?

It’ll likely go like this, as of the current plan:

1. 2-week regular low res (500), mostly junk. And since I don’t like junk food anyways,

2. 2-4 weeks zero chocolate, sweets, crisps, etc., same intake limit

Not sure what I’ll do afterwards. Maybe ADF.

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#2 Cabba


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Posted 30 November 2021 - 07:09 PM

Interested to see how this goes. Although idk if I'd try eating junk food for 2 weeks is a good plan, if it were me I'd get too deprived of energy. But I've also theorized I can't commit to diet plans because doing the same thing gets boring and I like switching things up. If you want a suggestion perhaps try carb cycling, as in days where you eat mostly carbs and other days where it's mostly proteins and fats

#3 messinwithsasquatch


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Posted 01 December 2021 - 04:21 AM

For instance, Ted Bundy didn’t consume alcohol for a week and lost 25lbs (11.3kg), which I hypothesise was caloric intake reduction + shock. 


I looked this up. He lost 25 pounds in a week while hiding in the wilderness after his first escape. Assuming he wasn't eating anything, he could have burned maybe 10 pounds max of actual weight. Most of the remaining weight loss would likely be due to severe dehydration.

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