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wrens omad journey :))

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Posted 30 November 2021 - 01:28 AM

hey! so i struggle with emotional eating and binging especially toward the later hours of the day. i’m hoping that omad will allow me to satisfy my cravings whilst also helping me lose weight consistently!! plans may change with time and i’m flexible with any modifications that might be made BUT here’s my rough plan for now.

8.00am-5.30pm (day)
50-300 calories
this is your window of "fasting”
tea, diet soda & coffee is allowed
maximum 300 calories
3L water

5.30pm-6.30pm (omad)
800-1000 calories
satisfy cravings
filling & high protein
can be high volume, but doesn't have to be
have with a cup of coffee/tea/water/soda
stop eating when full (latest 6.30pm)
can be a plate of sweet + savoury


don't focus on JUST high volume meals or JUST
fulfilling your cravings, make sure both are
satiated and taken into account when meal

count ALL calories. this is crucial in order to lose
weight whilst eating this way. every calorie

your week of meals should be planned on
sunday nights. this plan can be modified
depending on your cravings, but be sure to work
within the rules above.

preferably get into bed by 8.00pm at the
LATEST. this will prevent further snacking.

if you mess up, don’t stress! it doesn’t need to turn into a binge night ok? a 1500 day is better than a 4000 cal binge. you’ve got this. the food will be there tomorrow. you are in control. <333

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