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esophageal pain

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Posted 28 March 2013 - 03:14 AM

So im just womdering if anyone else has had this same kind of pain, what it was and what you did about it... I'm bulimic. I purge every day, sometimes multiple times a day. I workout like a beast every day, sometimes multiple times a day. And yesterday at my roller derby scrimmage I started feeling like I was gonna puke on the track, like there was something stuck in my esophagus. I hadn't purged yet that day. This was following a BIG out of control b/p the night before (rarely happens). I couldn't stop coughing and burping and didn't matter how much water I drank and later I ate a slice of apple and cucumber and chewed them up really good and that still didn't help. I ate some trail mix and a burger and that was really painful and then I vapourized some pot and that didn't make it feel better either. It wasn't like heart burn. I had that when I was pregnant or when I eat dairy/wheat. I purged and that didn't feel as awful as when it was going down. It really hurt in the morning. I had a couple almonds and a banana in the morning and it felt like I was eating razor blades. Not in my throat, lower... Like around the bottom of the breast bone. Warm coffee felt scalding and was a 5/10 on pain.
I could have been hit in the abdomen hard at scrimmage last night but nothing in particular is sticking out. I lifted some medium heavy weights earlier in the day but nothing I was overly straining with.
I read applecider vinegar is supposed to help so I will try that for now but if anyone else has encountered a similar issue and you found something else that worked please let me know. :) really appreciate it. I'm pretty uncomfortable. Thank you!
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#2 NeverEnough


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Posted 28 March 2013 - 10:32 AM

try not to purge for a week - it sounds like you have an esophageal ulcer to me, or your lower esophageal sphincter is damaged from all the purging (though this would also present with heart burn symptoms usually).  I would skip the apple cider vinegar and anything salty or with a low pH (acidic) - you could try pepto or milk of magnesia - these are alkaline and will aid in healing.  I would skip solids for now too - try sipping room temp almond milk, maybe some room temp apple sauce.  

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