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Dream looks :)

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#61 Svetlanavolkova



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Posted 24 June 2018 - 12:32 AM

Hair: Will eventually dye platinum blonde
Eyes: Cartoon blue (permanent contacts)
Body: rib removal for smaller hourglass shape, 99 lbs, H cup breast implants, fat transfer to butt and breasts.
Skin: Pale
Face: Dainty slim nose, slender tip, brow lift, cheek fillers, jaw shaving, lip fillers, cartoon ear surgery.
Overall I want to look exactly like a human comic book character, specifically Lady Death.
“Stars, hide your fires; Let not light see my black and deep desires.” -William Shakespeare


#62 noctcrnes


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Posted 25 June 2018 - 02:45 PM

Skin: pale with faint freckles and rosy cheeks

Hair: either a pixie cut or long-ish wavy hair dyed pink or black

Makeup; soft, smoky eyes, glossy lips, doll-like eyelashes

Eyes: almost black (p much what they're like anyway)

Piercings: p much every ear piercing i can get, tons of punk-ish ear accessories like steel hoops or safety pins, maybe some cool statement cross earrings, maybe a couple facial piercings as well 

Tattoos: flower illustrations to cover up my scars

Height: 5'4"-5'5"

Weight: BMI 15

Build: athletic yet slender, like a runner or ballerina, scarily small waist and thighs, defined pianists hands

Style: grunge, casual, classic (idfk my "perfect" style changes all the time)

Tops: something dainty to show off my exposed bones

Bottoms: levi shorts with a belt

Shoes: my favourite pair of doc martens 

Nails: some cheap sparkly nail polish (idrc lol)

Accessories: hair ribbon or ribbon choker, "syd barrett" sunglasses

Luckily enough for me pretty much all of these things are attainable and in the near future 

SW: 122 CW: 97.0 GW: 90.5


5'3.5" ~ 16.9 // GBMI 16.0




#63 김 하니

김 하니

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Posted 25 June 2018 - 09:16 PM

Hair: hip bone length, wispy bangs with little longer pieces on the sides, black or pastel pink in color
Skin: very pale, like IU pale, no scars or KP, really soft overall and airbrushed looking, i would like to have most of my body hair removed
Eyes: symmetrical, a mix between almond shaped and puppy eyes, aegyo-sal, bright eyes, no dark circles, long eyelashes that naturally curl

Other Facial Features: plump and heart shaped lips, cute button nose, deepened dimple on right cheek, straight eyebrows, small forehead, v-line jaw, slim face, small face, amazing side profile, good looking at every angle, super soft and clear skin

Build: slim and small, like a petite hourglass.

Height: 5'2" (158 cm) (aka my current height is fine)

Weight: 85 lb (38 kg)
Top: super loose crop top
Bottom: short tennis skirt
Shoes: converse high tops

Accessories: heart choker, ring cap, lots of rings, babygirl thigh socks, triple helix in ear cartilage on left ear, 2 lobe piercings on left ear, 3 lobe piercings on right ear, belly button piercing, tongue piercing, snakebites, dangling heart earrings



5'2" (158 cm)


hw: 135 lb (61 kg)

lw: 115 lb (52 kg)

cw: 120 lb (54 kg)


gw1: 120 lb (54 kg)

gw2: 110 lb (50 kg)

gw3: 100 lb (45 kg)

ugw: 85 lb (38 kg)




뒤에선 나쁘다며 씹고 앞에선 착한 척했어

#64 vaelixe


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Posted 27 June 2018 - 06:03 AM

Hair: My hair actualy they are white/grey and I love the color, but I need the longer and stronger and thicker.
Skin: My skin is great but I would take it more pale
Eyes: I like my eyes shape and my eyes color

Nose: Also my nose is great

Lips: I would like the a bit more full.
Clothes: My clothes are my goal, black everything (almost) high platform creepers, killstar, disturbia. I love my clothes and shose!
Piercings: I would go with 20 mm tunnels (18 for now) and more cartilage (was able to keep only one) as I have serious issue with healing them in less than almost 2 years but I wish I had more. I'd like to pierce my nipples also. + I have septum and totaly love it

Height: My height 5'6

Body: 105 lbs long way to go and more tattoos!

The rumbling from distant shores sends me to sleep, but the facts of life can sometimes make it hard to dream 


HW: 75 kg/165 lbs       

CW: 66 kg / 145 lbs  

GW1: 65 kg/ 143 lbs              GW2: 59 kg/130lbs          

GW2: 55 kg/121 lbs                    50 kg/ 110 lbs            UGW1: 48 kg/105 lbs             UGW2: 45 kg/ 99 lbs


168 /5,6        19 years old


LW?: Don't have any idea was drug addict at that point, I assume anywhere below 44 kg 

LW: 47 kg 


Diagnossed with: BPD, AN, Depression, Anxiety


I'm insane, well, I can feel it in my bones, coursing through my veins. When did I become so cold? For goodness sakes where is my self-control? If home is where my heart is then my heart has lost all hope.

#65 acitflex



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Posted 27 June 2018 - 06:25 AM

Hair: Light blonde, reaches my middle back and thick
Skin: My skin atm, super pale, no freckles tho (I hate mine)
Eyes: My current eyes (They're so large and has a great shape) but lighter blue shade
Top: cropped tops
Bottom: mini skirts, jeans with fishnets, shorts
Shoes: Fila shoes, Vans, idk
Accessories: Winged eyeliner and goals eyebrows

cw: 46kg
gw: 48kg

#66 GloomyBunny



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Posted 27 June 2018 - 06:53 AM

Hair: silver, platinum blonde, or a mix of blonde and black down to my back

Skin: paler than I am now.

Eyes: light green, slightly bigger eyes

Piercings: lip piercings

Tattoos: a bunch lol

Makeup: my current style, (+ false lashes)

Shoes: red converse

Top: crop tops

Bottoms: ripped skinny jeans

Height: 5'7 (I'm 5'5)




#67 SelSly



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Posted 19 July 2018 - 08:30 PM

Hair: Long platinum blonde
Skin: very pale
Eyes: Blue like the sky
Height :5'10
Body: Dainty built, very small waist, ribs sticking out, small foot size, sharp collarbones, long neck
Top: crop top with black leather jacket
Bottom: Ripped jeans with fishnets underneath
Shoes: High-heeled ancle boots
Accessories: black designer sunglasses and channel bag
Other: Long marble-styled nails

#68 Guest_メル。_*

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Posted 22 August 2018 - 11:21 AM

♡ weight: 43 kg

♡ eyes: bigger iris, light-golden brown

♡ hair: my current hairstyle in a lighter brown like this (current is above shoulder with a fringe and dark brown)

♡ makeup: cute light (shimmery) pink dolly makeup look

♡ nails: light shimmery pink 

♡ dress: this in light pink

♡ shoes: these

♡ accessories: white tights, white bows on those little pigtails in my hair, these earrings, and a cute brown purse


Things I didn't mention like my skin colour and height are things that I want to stay the same! I'm already really pale and short! 

#69 rose yunn

rose yunn


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Posted 25 August 2018 - 03:37 PM

Hair: I actually like my hair color so brown with golden/copper highlights... Or dark chocolate brown.
Skin: My skin is kinda yellowish and so uneven... So I'd like to have an even and paler shade...
Eyes: I'm also pleased with my eyes which are dark brown, but I'd like to have them even darker, or maybe a dark grey.
Top: I'd like to look fancy with a blouse or a shirt.
Bottom: Skinny jeans or mini-skirt if I have skinny legs...
Shoes: I want to look elegant, taller and slimmer with heels.
Accessories: I'd like helix and upper lobe piercings...

Height: 1,71m (5'6ft)

Nails: Nude matte colors.

Weight: 45/46kg (100lbs)



well, water is a good food as well.

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#70 yindypadma



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Posted 01 September 2018 - 04:30 AM

Hair: Chocolate brown (natural colour) Long and straightish - just natural looking

Skin: Tanned and glowy 
Eyes: Large and ocean blue
Top: Big oversized vintage t-shirt or men's t-shirt 
Bottom: black tights or loose jeans
Shoes: sneakers or slides 
Accessories: gold earings - 2 piercings - one stud and one small hoop


I don't wear these kinds of clothes since being at a higher BMI now, especially because I have curves - it doesn't look the way I want it to. I like this kind of look on me when I'm really thin :'( now I don't even wear clothes I like - just clothes that fit. :'( 

#71 matchadolly


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Posted 26 July 2021 - 09:08 PM

height: 5’9-6’0 :)

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