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Biotin/b Vitamin Supplement

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#1 lilmoon


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Posted 20 October 2013 - 01:39 PM

does anyone take these regularly? if so did you notice any change in your hair/nails/skin? im looking to start with 1000 mcg of biotin and a daily stress b-complex vitamin but i dont want to spend the money if it doesnt make much of a difference lol

#2 Guest_robbyh1_*

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Posted 20 October 2013 - 01:44 PM

 AINT WRONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The only thing I will say is to pay attention to ALL B-vitamins!

I feel CERTAIN that without being aware of it, many many folk on here who harshly restrict/fast WILL BE deficient of THESE vitamins. Especially those folk who don't eat meat and eliminate dairy. I say 'these' because as I am sure most folk are aware, there are 12 sub-groups within this vitamin.

Almost ALL of these 12 subgroups of B-vits play a role in the release of energy from fat and carbs. Simply put, without adequate B-vits, we cannot burn fat and carbs efficiently. More will be stored as fat and we will feel sluggish/weak during periods of minimal calorie intakes if we are B deficient. Then, a lot of people in our age bracket resort to caffeine-laced drinks for energy, which is a big mistake and starts a spiral. Caffeine works like a drug. It's a quick fix and the more you 'take it', the more you need to get the same effect.

Also, anyone in their 30's 40's plus years of age who is thinking about buying one of these swanky brand of fat-burning pills, I say forget it. They won't do your heart any favours. Get a good B-vit complex instead so that your body has a better chance of releasing ITS OWN energy (in the form of fats and carbs) rather than relying on a STIMULANT for energy. STIMULANTS are more there to stimulate your MIND - not so much to stimulate your BODY (to burn fat).

Robby (44)


Ps.....this was PASTED over from another forum I posted in earlier today, so sorry the content of the post sounds a little off-beat!

Its just to HIGHLIGHT the importance of B-VITAMINS!!

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#3 Alliveeverwanted



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Posted 21 October 2013 - 07:18 PM

GNC has a GREAT b 50 complex. I take 2 a day & definitely notice a difference in energy. Be careful... Read your labels good. Some supplements out there are crap ..

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